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Our Approach

Is there an alternative for physician practices that want to maintain their independence but feel compelled by market forces to join a hospital or larger, multi-specialty practice?  The sweeping changes that are negatively impacting smaller practices and OB/GYN practices in particular, continue to build – from declining reimbursement to increasing costs and regulation, from meaningful use to pay-for-performance, independent practices are increasingly being squeezed.

Harris digiChart believes there is a different approach to simply selling your practice to the hospital or ending up in a consolidation that doesn’t meet your professional goals.

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Our Model for Practice Success

We know that independent practices can stay independent…and thrive. The right partner with the specialized tools, services, and knowledge can help you compete with the larger practices or hospitals seeking to control more of the care continuum.  Creating a strong and durable practice will require new thinking – beyond the daily tasks of patient care. It will take a mindset of looking at your practice holistically – clinically, operationally, and financially. It will mean having more insight and resources to know how to make the right changes to keep your practice on course.

That makes having the right partner with the right tools and the right support more important than ever. Harris digiChart has expanded its offering to enhance the foundational EHR with new medical billing services and practice analytics to help you truly succeed in your practice.

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