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Partnerships in Practice
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As one of the largest providers of Women’s Health services in the United States, PathGroup offers the most comprehensive anatomic, clinical, and molecular pathology services from a single point of contact. With personalized attention and the fastest turnaround times in the industry, we share our clients’ focus on high quality patient service.


Harris CareTracker built in smart technology automatically monitors patient and claims data so you don’t have to.  With a first Pass Claim payer rate of 97% you will experience improved cash flow.  The Dashboard Front Office command center acts like a virtual office assistant monitoring items and notifying you via our smart alerts only if patient data requires your attention – leaving you more time to concentrate on your patients.

  • Enhanced patient flow
  • Streamlined patient registration
  • Improved financial performance
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Physicians can now provide psychological testing anywhere in their office on any web-enabled device.


Whether you are moving from paper to EHR or realized you need an EHR that works the way you work, ChartCapture is the simplest way to archive and access all of your old medical records to finish your transition faster and have secure access to all of your old records from any device, anywhere.

At digiChart, we know the importance of managing your patient records securely and efficiently. Our partnership with ChartCapture gives you both – and with flexible options to meet your individual needs.